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School Safety

Welcome to the School Safety Department



Injuries, accidents and incidents cost you through pain and suffering, lost wages due to time lost, your fellow workers by having to pick up your load, and Granville County Schools by hiring substitutes, insurance costs, and Workman Compensation premiums. The purpose is to build and keep a safe workplace by all of the GCS family, for the employees and all others that enter our facilities.


It is your responsibility to cultivate common sense habits and logical safety thinking to ensure your own, students and fellow employees a safe and secure workplace. This responsibility is shared by every individual to promote a Safety minded culture for the benefit of all.


It is the employers responsibility to see that training is available, documented, and applied across all facilities. Supervisors are to determine Safety training needed to be compliant with GCS policies and OSHA Regulations.

Define Safety:

The condition of being safe; freedom from exposure to danger; exemption from hurt, injury, or loss; to protect against failure, breakage or other accidents; knowledge of or skill in methods of avoiding accident or disease”