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Address: 101 Delacroix Street, Oxford North Carolina 27565

Phone Number: (919) 693-4613

Meet the Finance Department Team

Finance Department Team Member Email Address Phone Extension
Vickie Hines, Interim Chief Finance Officer 101212
Lisa Evans, Assistant Finance Officer 101226
Sonya Scott, Payroll Manager 101210
Pam Scott, Payroll Administrator 101299
Learnetta Speed, Internal Auditor 101255
Janet Newton, Accounts Payable and Fixed Assets Specialist 101239
Lisa Preddy, Purchasing and Finance Assistant 101211


"Fiscal Responsibility is a top priority for Granville County Public Schools.  Our goal is to align our budget and resources to the needs of our schools and community, ensuring our resources are used in the service of our students.

One of the main strategies with this work is transparency.  As such, information is included on our website to aid in transparency"

21-22 Allotment Transfer Report 

As required per G.S. 105.25(3), this Allotment Transfer Report is an annual notice of any transfer that increased or decreased the initial allotment by more than five percent (5%).  This report includes (1) the amount of the transfer, (2) the allotment category into which the funds were transferred, (3) the purpose code for the funds following the transfer, (4) a description of any teacher positions fully or partially funded as a result of the transfer, including all subject areas taught by the teacher in the position, and (5) the educational priorities that necessitated the transfer.  

Click here for the 21-22 Allotment Transfer Report.

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