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over 2 years ago

By Wendy Owens

My class is a blended/Hybrid class where we meet face to face daily for 90 minutes, but many of the things that we do are online so that students can access them from home.  I upload video clips and maintain a daily calendar of events so if students are absent they can check there.  My grading policy is that of the county:  Major Assessments 60% and Minor Assessments 40%.  

As per the State Board of Education, we will be following the 10 point college system for grading.  

A-  90-100




F-Below 60

1st 9 weeks


2nd 9 weeks


Final Exam



Each nine weeks grading period will weight assessments in the following proportions:


Minimum number of grade book entries/assignments

Overall weight*

Major Assignments (summative)

(Including but not limited to: projects, research papers, tests, presentations, portfolios, etc.)

These assignments will be red for my class. 






Minor Assignments (formative)

(Including but not limited to: quizzes, class work, dressing out, journal entries, labs, notebooks, classroom discussions, etc.)


These assignments will be purple or blue for my class depending on your browser/color preferences. 






Homework  I believe homework should be a time for practice and asking questions.  Therefore, we use it as a study tool.  Homework will be gone over daily in the review part of the daily agenda.  



At the beginning of each semester, I will print a parent code for you to login and be able to see exactly what your child/children are doing in my class daily.  Please login and follow the class.  You will be surprised to know how much they learn in a semester.  

To access Haiku go to for Español I

Español III Honors for Español III

Stem, NC


over 2 years ago

By Wendy Owens-

Spanish students are expected to complete assignments on time and on their own without the help of online translators or native speakers.  It is fine to use native speakers as a resource, but it is not okay for them to do the work for you.   I consider this as cheating.  Cheating on assignments results in a grade of 0 and/or administrative disciplinary action at the discretion of the teacher.  Deadlines are deadlines.  I will set assignment due dates and times.  Late work will have a late work penalty per assignment of 10 points/day.


 It seems a bit cliché to say, but what you put into a class is what you will get out of it.  I believe that every student can be successful spending 30 minutes per day outside of class studying and reviewing class material in addition to completing the homework.   


1.  Cell phone out of sight and without sound(OFF).  Your computer has a clock and there is one on the wall.


2.  Computer is open and on assignment, not Facebook, Twitter, Skype, FaceTime, Voxer, Pandora, Video games, etc.  Make sure you don't hit translate this page at the top of Google. 

3.  Groom before arrival.  NO make-up, finger nail clipping, lotion, perfume, or other smelly products.

4.  Be respectful of teacher and other classmates.

5.  Be honest.

6.  Be responsible for your actions and your work.  Do your own work.  (NO TRANSLATORS, online dictionaries, or friends who are native speakers doing your homework/assignment!)

7.  Be seated when the tardy bell rings. 

8.  Participate daily and speak Spanish at all times. 

9.  HAVE FUN!  

This class is taught through Haiku, which is an online learning platform.  If you don't have reliable internet access it is crucial that you copy and paste your homework to a word document so that it can be turned in the following day.  All homework and classwork can be done on paper or typed.  If it is on paper, you must take a picture using Photobooth and submit in the Dropbox within 5 minutes of the start of class.  Please be sure that I can read what is on the paper before you turn it in.  In other words, take the picture, look at it, and then submit.  If you can't read it, I probably can't either. We will also be using outside resources, other text book, and many short stories. 

Supply List

over 2 years ago

  • Computer charged daily with power cord
  • 3 ring binder (2" is what you will need)
  • Flashcards or Quizlet as an app on your cell phone or computer 
  • Colored Pencils or Pens with at least 8 different colors to include purple, blue, red, orange, and green for class daily
  • Sharpened pencils or pens daily
  • Paper--loose leaf, no spiral notebooks
  • Dry erase markers/eraser


By Wendy Owens-