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over 3 years ago


Pioneered in New York City public schools, the Virtual Enterprises International™ program offers students an opportunity to experience, in a simulated business environment, all facets of being an employee in a firm. This unique program has drawn national attention as an applied learning instructional model for business, economics,finance, and career education. The concept has grown in the United States to include programs in over 900 secondary and post-secondary schools. 

Throughout the United States and Europe, VEI is taking real world business education to new heights. Granville County Schools is proud to be the first Virtual Enterprise charter in North Carolina. The GCS program is affiliated with and mentored by the Tennessee Central Office of Virtual Enterprises International™

The Teacher as Facilitator:

In the VE learning environment, the teacher’s role changes from “sage on the stage” to “guide on the side.” Because the program employs a student-centered approach to learning that emphasizes project-based, collaborative learning, the teacher’s primary responsibility is to guide and direct student learning, not to deliver a daily prescribed lesson.

VE teachers are required to complete a two-day professional development session during the summer.  Other opportunities, designed to enhance the professional growth and effectiveness of VE teachers are offered periodically.  VE teachers network with and support one another, and are exemplars of professional sharing and collaboration.


Student Activities:

Students engage in various business activities throughout the year, which create authentic applied learning opportunities. Participation in national and international trade fairs as well as the local and national business plan competitions is a key component of the VE program that actualizes the world of work, communications, technology and global business.

Trade fairs provide students with opportunities to present and market the products/services of their virtual business in a competitive marketplace with their local and global colleagues and peers. Each year, different cities are the venue for practice firm trade fairs, which draw thousands of participants from around the world and have become a highlight of the VE program.


VEI students become financially literate, savvy about business, and economically competitive.


Program Description

over 3 years ago

Program Description:

The goal of Virtual Enterprise is to combine motivation and essential skills necessary to manage career advancement in business and communication.  The program has a positive influence on student’s career preparation, and gives them a realistic view of the business world.  The mission of this program is to provide students with a broader national and international perspective of real business practices in a virtual world.

Virtual Enterprises (VE) is a simulated business that is set up and run by students with the guidance of a teacher/facilitator and a business partner. This program allows students to experience all facets of being an employee in a firm in an actual business environment. Students are involved in every aspect of a running a business, including human resources, accounting, product development, production, distribution, marketing and sales, and they engage in trade with other VE firms around the world via fax, postal mail, e-mail, the Web (e-commerce), and trade fairs. This simulation conveys the expectations of a real-world workplace and enables students to understand how company executives, employees, workgroup teams, and departments interact and work together to establish and meet company goals. 

The Virtual Enterprise is a comprehensive and student-oriented approach towards teaching and learning that provides practical and task-oriented instruction in a real-world environment.With communication links to nearly 3,000 VE firms around the world, the program exposes students to different cultures, business practices and currencies and gives students a broader international perspective. Students engage in hands-on applications, problem solving, and written and verbal communication. In addition, students learn about a variety of careers associated with business,acquire global economic knowledge, and use technology as applied in business.

By combining a rigorous curriculum with hands-on application of many academic skills, VE aims to prepare students for both careers and college. The task-based, copyrighted curriculum includes a strong academic component focused on writing, speaking, math and technology skills. The program seeks to motivate students by setting high expectations and showing them the relevance of their education.