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over 2 years ago

Internet Safety

When using the Internet, keep in mind the following safety tips:

  1. Keep the computer in the family room or other public area of your home.
  2. Internet accounts should be in the parent’s name with parents having the primary screen name, controlling passwords, and using blocking and/or filtering devices.
  3. Never give out personal information such as address, telephone number, work address/telephone number, or the name and location of our school.
  4. Tell parents or teachers right away if you come across any information that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  5. Never agree to meet someone in person that you “met” online without first checking with your parents.
  6. Never send your picture or anything else to a person without checking with your parents.
  7. Do not respond to any messages that are mean or in any way make you feel uncomfortable.  Report any messages to your parents and/or teachers.
  8. Never give out your password to anyone other than your parents.

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Online Safety Pledge

over 2 years ago

Online Safety Pledge


I want to use the computer and the Internet.  I understand that there are certain rules about what I should do online.  I agree to follow these rules:


1.   I will not give my name, address, telephone number, school, or my teachers’/parents’   names, addresses, or telephone numbers, to anyone I meet on the Internet.


2.   I will not give out my email password to anyone (even my best friends) other than my teachers/parents.


3.   I will not send a picture of others or myself over the Internet without my teachers’/parents’ permission.


4.   I will not fill out any form or request online that asks me for any information about my school, my family, or myself without first asking for permission from my teachers/parents.


5.   I will tell my teachers/parents if I see any bad language or pictures on the Internet, or if anyone makes me feel nervous or uncomfortable online.


6.   I will never agree to get together with someone I “meet” online without first checking with my parents.  If my parents agree to the meeting, I will be sure that it is in a public place and that I am accompanied by an adult at all times.


7.   I will not use any articles, stories, or other works I find online and pretend it is my own.


8.   I will not use bad language online.


9.   I will practice safe computing, and check for viruses whenever I share files, download something from the Internet, or receive an attachment.


10.  I will use privacy settings on social networking sites. 


11. I will be a good online citizen and not participate in any activity that hurts others or is against the law or my school’s policy.