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Granville County Public Schools Technology

over 2 years ago

Granville County Public Schools (GCPS) understands strong leadership is the key to preparing students to be 21st Century learners.  Our leadership supports teachers and staff in becoming 21st Century educators through quality professional development.  Technologically adept administrators and teachers challenge students to become self-motivated, high performing, and globally aware citizens.

It is the responsibility of educators to provide a future ready workforce prepared to meet the demands of a globally connected society.  Technology enhances differentiated instruction and promotes creative learning, allowing students to become actively engaged learners.  Providing equal access to technology resources will level the playing field for all students, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds. 


  • Increase student engagement, motivation, and self-directed learning.
  • Improve school to home communication.
  • Improve the quality of student learning and academic achievement as they develop 21st Century skills.
  • Provide greater access to educational opportunities, formative assessments, and differentiated instruction by providing one to one 24/7 access to laptops.
  • Equip students to become life long learners.