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GCS 1:1 Technology Program
Granville County Schools has implemented a technology initiative throughout the district. We currently have four high schools that are a 1 to 1 laptop initiative. That is, each member of the high school will be educated with the assistance of his/her own laptop that will be used throughout the curriculum as an invaluable learning tool. This is the first step in creating a learning environment in which students and teachers have 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week access to the tools and resources of a world-class education.

Additionally, our elementary,middle and high schools use laptop carts, interactive white boards, document cameras and student response systems to provide a technology-rich learning environment for our students.

Granville County Schools has been preparing for this exciting initiative for many years. GCS boasts a universal wireless environment and teachers have been equipped and teaching with laptops. In addition, our teachers have been and continue to be involved in an intensive faculty professional development program that enables them to engage students in learning in a truly digital environment. We are very aware that students in the 21st Century learn most comfortably and enthusiastically when they are able to access, analyze, and synthesize information using digital tools. Our laptop initiative is the needed step toward helping our students to achieve and be successful in a fully digital learning environment.

Care and Maintenance of Your Laptop

over 2 years ago


  • Use only the provided soft cloth to clean your screen.  If you use something else, only use approved wipes for the screen- cleaners that are designed for LCD screens (regular glass cleaner cleaners that contain alcohol or ammonia and will cause damage).
  • While the computer is turned off, you may clean the keyboard, trackpad and surfaces with a lightly damp cloth. Never spray cleansers directly on your computer.
  • The trackpad can be damaged if not used properly. Never use a pencil, eraser or other object on the trackpad.
  • Don’t place heavy objects on top of the laptop. This may cause damage to the screen. In a pile the laptop must be on top!
  • Do not place stickers on the inside/outside of the laptop.
  • Be careful with the screen. Don’t touch the screen with your fingers or any other object.
  • Don’t place anything between the screen and the keyboard when you close the computer.
  • Do not use CDs/DVDs that have labels on them.
  • Use your laptop on a sturdy surface that allows for adequate air circulation. Placing the laptop on a pillow during use or blocking the side air vents can cause it to overheat.
  • Run the batteries down completely before using the AC adapter.
  • Do not bend the AC adapter wire.  Leave plenty of room for the wire to reach the computer.
  • To check your battery level, press the battery button located on the side of the computer. 


When moving about with your laptop (From classroom to classroom and/or leaving campus):

  1. Carry in your laptop bag.  Never carry in your hands.
  2. Eject drives and shared folders
  3. Save all open documents
  4. Put laptop to sleep (close the lid)

Save and Backup Your Data:
Data will be backed up if and only if you save your documents to your electronic locker, CD/DVD, or external drive.

Once a week:

  • Restart (recommended but not a requirement)
  • Shut Down (if you are not going to use your laptop for 2 or more days)

Keep your Home Directory organized:

  • Do not keep documents on your desktop- reserve the desktop for documents that you want to temporarily take off the network shares, work on at home and then put back on the network when finished.
  • Keep your folders organized; documents in the Documents folder, movies in the Movies folder, pictures in the Pictures folder, and music in the Music folder.

Quit applications that you are not using:
Applications like iTunes and Firefox query the network every few minutes and slows your computer. If you are not using an application, you should quit the application.

Keep labels out of your laptop:
Do not insert CDs or DVDs that have homemade labels on them. The discs will heat up in the laptop, peel off inside the laptop and “tape” your disk inside of your laptop.

To maximize battery life:

  • Do not let the battery run down completely before plugging in AC (you will get a warning at about 18% remaining level)
  • Turn down brightness
  • Turn off bluetooth/wireless if you do not need them
  • Quit any applications that you are not using