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Student Registration

3 months ago

Student Information and Registration Department

Committed to Excellence and Achievement for All

The Granville County Public School (GCPS) System would like to thank you for your interest in having your child(ren) attend our schools.  To register your child(ren) to attend a school in the GCPS System you must complete and present all of the forms contained in the Registration Packet along with a valid picture ID and any other supporting documents requested to the Student Information Data Manager at the school or Student Registration Center. 

 The Student Information and Registration Department is committed to serving the needs of all schools, families, and students in the Granville County Public School System. We work closely with our 18 building sites to help our more than 7980 students with the many aspects of Student Information.

The student information and registration department gathers and processes all data on student enrollment and attendance; maintains detailed data contained in the student information system (SIS), exports and prepares student information reports and prepares student enrollment projections for the school district.

Services of the Student Information and Registration Department include:

  • Attendance Information
  • Enrollment/Withdrawal for all students
  • Intra District Transfer
  • Parent/Student Portal
  • Student Records
  • Demographics
  • Student Reports
  • Connect-5

How to Enroll into Granville County Public Schools

  • Complete the registration forms from home, at your child's school or one of two Student Registration Centers (SRC). 
  • SRC 1, located on the Mary Potter Middle Campus, serves the students from
    • Northern Granville Middle
    • West Oxford Elementary
  • SRC2, located on the Mount Energy Elementary Campus, serves the students from:
    • Butner-Stem Elementary
    • Butner-Stem Middle
    • G. C. Hawley Middle
    • Mount Energy Elementary
  • Parents will also need to gather and present the following documents to register their child(ren):
    • An official copy of your child's birth certificate
    • Proof of your Granville County Residency (Current water, gas, or electric bill in parent's name that is no more than 60 days old, newly signed lease, or offer to purchase agreement)
    • Photo ID of the parent or guardian
    • Your child's immunization record
    • Any custody papers
    • Previous school Report Card and/or Transcript (Recommended)

Enrollment Reminders

  • Only parents or legal guardians may register students. Legal guardians must present court-ordered custody or guardianship documentation. Notarized statements are not acceptable.
  • In compliance with North Carolina law, students must be 5 years of age on or before August 31st to be considered for Kindergarten.
  • In compliance with North Carolina law, all students entering kindergarten or who have not attended a North Carolina Public School must present a health assessment (physical exam report) by the first day of school entry. The assessment must have been completed within 12 months of school entry.  In addition, North Carolina law requires the parents/guardian to present certification of immunizations on the first day of school entry. If documentation is not presented, parents and/or guardians have 30 calendar days to provide documentation or the student shall be excluded from school until proof is provided.
Please download any of the following registration packets that can be completed on your device.

Student Registration Packet (English) 2020

Student Registration Packet (Spanish) 2020

How to complete Student Registration Packets 2020

Additional Information to complete Student Information Packets 2020

Additional Registration to complete Student Information Packets 2020 (Spanish)

Internet Safety Policy (English)

Internet Safety Policy (Spanish)

School Contact List for Registration

Parent Portals

4 months ago

Parent Portals

Parent Portal Information

Granville County Public Schools is committed to providing parents with the ability to have access to their child's academic progress and to update contact numbers to receive valuable information from the district and school.​​

What is the PowerSchool Parent Portal?

Parent Portal, the service that gives parents or guardians who have access to the internet the ability to view their children’s academic progress, is a confidential and secure web site that was first made available to parents or legal guardians of students on October 1, 2014.  This site provides the parent with the following information on their child:

  • An Individual student calendar for each student in the household
  • A schedule of classes for each student in the household
  • Assignments and grades for each student (grades 3-13)
  • Attendance by quarter and period

If you have not acquired your Username and Password that is needed to access Parent Portal you will need to follow the procedure listed below. 

Go to one of the schools where one of your children attends and provide a valid Picture ID.  Acquire an Access Username and Password for each of your children who attend school in the Granville County Public School System.  The Access Usernames and Passwords will only be given to the Parents or Legal Guardians of the students and not to any other family members.

  • Create a Single-Sign On Username And Password
  • Add the student Access Usernames and Passwords to the Single-Sign On Username you create
  • Log into the Parent Portal with your Username and Password while at the school to make sure your account works correctly

Setting up your Parent Portal Account And How To Use

Access the PowerSchool Parent Portal

What is the Granville CPS MyConnect Parent Portal?

The Granville CPS MyConnect Parent Portal allows families to manage the messages they receive from the district and school.  If you add a new phone number or email to your Granvile CPS MyConnect Parent Portal please notify the Student Information Data Manager at your child's school of the new phone number or email.

Setting up your Granville CPS MyConnect Parent Portal

Access the Granville CPS MyConnect Parent Portal