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Student Information
The Student Information and Registration Department registers all students and maintains the data associated with them. If you have questions concerning how to register students and which documents are necessary, you can find them here. This page also contains information on the transferring of students from one school to another.

The North Carolina Student Information System (SIS) is the official Home Base application used statewide by the Public Schools of North Carolina. It houses all aspects of student data including demographics, grades, attendance, etc. One of its many great features is the Parent Portal module that gives parents and students access to grades and teacher assignments via online.
NC SIS, implemented in the summer of 2013, is the first of many new applications linked together under the Home Base system. Once completed, the Home Base platform will comprise the Student Information System and the Instructional Improvement System.

PowerSchool, the product which is used as North Carolina's Student Information System, is an electronic student accounting system, an Internet-based software package that provides student and school information management capabilities. Data are stored centrally and accessed and reported in a safe, secure manner across the Internet. PowerSchool supports the data analysis and reporting requirements of education initiatives such as the North Carolina’s ABCs of Public Education accountability program, and Closing the Achievement Gap. PowerSchool offers unprecedented opportunities for local educators to use technology to help them make better instructional and business decisions in their schools.

Student Transfers

7 days ago

Transfer Request Period For 2020-2021:  January 2 -June 1, 2020

Policy Code: 4130 Discretionary Admission

The superintendent or designee will have the authority to approve or deny requests for admission to the school district students who do not meet the domicile or residence requirements in 4120. Applications from residents of the school district will be given consideration before others. Admission may be granted for up to one full school year. An application must be submitted each subsequent school year in which admission is desired.


A non-domiciled student may be admitted and enrolled, at the discretion of the superintendent, if the following conditions are met:

1. The parent, legal guardian, or legal custodian must submit a request in writing, which explains why, in the opinion of the parent, legal guardian, or legal custodian, the student, needs to attend school in the school district. An explanation of need may be considered when:

  • there are compelling, specific circumstances indicating that the student should continue his or her education in the school district (as, for example, when the student is in his or her senior year when the parent, legal guardian or legal custodian becomes domiciled outside the school district); or
  • there is an extraordinary, compelling, specific family need (as, for example, when a parent, legal guardian, or legal custodian is clearly unable to care for the child); or
  • other extraordinary, specific and compelling need or hardship is demonstrated.

Any reason having to do with athletics or participation in athletics is not a valid or sufficient explanation of need.

2. Space is available in the particular school or program and grade level in which the student seeks to enroll.

3. The student must demonstrate that he or she was in good standing in the previous school attended by that student, in terms of academics, discipline, and other measures of standing and progress in the school district. The student also must satisfy the requirements in policy 4115, Behavior Standards for Transfer Students.

4. With the initial application, the student must furnish a transcript and other student record data, including evidence of compliance with the North Carolina immunization requirements and evidence that the student has not completed the prescribed courses for graduation from high school.

5. If the student is a secondary student, he/she must provide a planned course of study for the current or next academic year.

6. If the student is transferring from another school district in North Carolina, the student must submit a release each year approved by the board of education of the other school district from which the transfer is being made.

7. If the student resides with an adult who is not the student's parent, legal guardian, or legal custodian, the student must furnish the school district with a notarized written document showing that the parent, legal guardian or legal custodian consents to the student attending school in the school district and authorizes the adult with whom the student lives to make all decisions relating to the student's education, including, but not limited to, any decisions relating to placement, services, field trips, medical treatment, grading and reporting, discipline, participation in extracurricular activities and participation in athletics.

If the student is asserting residency in the school district, sufficient evidence must be provided with the initial application, such as a copy of utility bills.

8. Unless a tuition waiver is granted pursuant to policy 4135, Tuition for Discretionary Admissions, the student must (a) furnish with the application a statement of financial responsibility for tuition signed by either the student's parent, legal guardian or legal custodian or by the board of education of the student's home school district (if such board will be responsible for tuition) and (b) pay the tuition fee in accordance with regulations established by the superintendent or his/her designee. Tuition should be paid in advance and in full.


1. Final Decisions

Admission for up to one full school year may be granted based upon the information contained in the application and supporting documents. Nonresident students who are admitted based upon false or misleading information on their application will have their application voided and acceptance rescinded.

2. Appeals

The Superintendent’s decision to deny admission under this policy may be appealed to the Board of Education. The parent or guardian must submit the appeal in writing to the superintendent within five days of receiving notification of the superintendent’s decision. The superintendent will forward the appeal to the Board to be heard in accordance with the hearing procedure in Policy 4150(D).

3. Renewals

For the renewal of admission in subsequent school years, the student must continue to meet all admission criteria and must be in good standing in terms of academics, discipline and other measures of standing and progress in the school system.

The following documents are to be completed if you are requesting a transfer for your child based on one of the following reasons:

  • Your child was granted permission to transfer to a Granville County Public School other than the one they would have attended based on your property address.

  • Your child was granted permission to attend an Elementary School of Choice/Program.  This request will be to attend the middle school in the feeder pattern of the Elementary School of Choice the student is currently attending.

  • Your child is the child of a Permanent Granville County Public School employee who lives in Granville County

  • Your child is either the child of a Permanent Granville County Public School employee who lives outside of Granville County or a currently enrolled child who lives outside of Granville County and is not the child of a Permanent Granville County Public School employee.

  • Your child lives outside of Granville County and is not the child of a Permanent Granville County Public School Employee. (New Enrollment from outside of Granville County)
Transfer Into GCPS -- New Student From Outside Of Granville County 2019-2020
Transfer Into GCPS -- New Student From Outside Of Granville County 2020-2021

  • Your child is requesting permission to transfer out the the Granville County Public School district to attend a school in another county

Please make sure you have completed the correct form in its entirety and submitted it to the Granville County Public School Superintendent's office by no later than June 1, 2020.  During the Stay at Home order for the Spring of 2020, please send all completed packets to Ms. Lori Ward (  

After completing the request, please allow at least 14 business days for a written response.

If you have any questions concerning student transfers or which form you should complete contact:

Lori A. Ward

919-693-4613  ext:  101217