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GCPS Virtual Enterprise: Top 50

By Leah Powell

Right now VEI is introducing the preliminary rankings for the Top 50 List.

This list represents the top 10% of firms in the Country.  Mr. Mark Jones, Granville County VEI Coordinator, announced that every school in Granville County has a firm on the list!!

Mr. Jones states, "I know that as a teacher of VE for the last 8 years, it is extremely difficult to keep up with all the items that must be completed to run a business. In addition to all of the tasks to be completed, each year VEI adds more to it. To me that makes this accomplishment all the more impressive. While we will continue to strive to have ALL firms in Granville County on that list, right now this is extremely impressive."

The link to the initial Top 50 is included here and is accessible by clicking on the image below to you can see it for yourself!  

In order to be considered on this initial list firms must have completed all of the following and more.
1) trade show attendance and competitions at them
2) All financial documents up to date and filed
3) online competition entries (and placed at least honorable mention)

Top 50 List
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