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Substitute Teaching

Substitute Teaching in Granville County

Online Virtual Substitute Training

We are very excited to offer new training for all of our new substitute teachers in Granville County Public Schools.  This will be mandatory training in order to be a newly approved substitute.  

The VIRTUAL training is offered by App-Garden University.  There are many benefits to you as a substitute such as the ability to train anytime and anywhere you have access to the internet.  It is so important, that we as a district keep you current on the board policies and procedures as well as giving you great tips and ideas for being a successful substitute teacher.   This training is required of all substitutes in order for our district to meet compliance requirements.

The new process for becoming a substitute in Granville County Public Schools:

A) Candidate completes an online application and contacts Sarah Moss via email at upon completion. The online application link is located under the Quick Links-"Careers" section of our homepage.

B) After the application is reviewed, the candidate may be contacted for a phone interview.  

C) After the phone interview, a background check will be given to selected candidates for completion.

D) Once a favorable background is received, the candidate will receive the Prospective Substitute Volunteer Service form and is required to complete 10 volunteer hours in a GCPS classroom.

E) The Volunteer Service form is returned to Sarah Moss by the school principal.

F) Once volunteer hours are completed, the candidate will receive a link to the Online Substitute Orientation Course. There are two courses available.  Only one must be completed. One is the Substitute Orientation Course that costs $39.00 and the other course is the Effective Substitute Training Course that includes the Substitute Orientation Course of $49.00.

*Please note that all candidates without a minimum of an Associate’s Degree will need to complete the $49.00 course*

G) During this course, candidates will be tested on the information given during the orientation. When the candidate successfully passes all tests, they will be given a certificate of completion. 

H) Human Resources will be notified of the completion. At that time, the candidate will be contacted to schedule a processing appointment and given instructions on how to download personnel forms to be completed before the appointment.   

I) Once processed, the candidate's name will go before the Board of Education for approval. Once approved, the new employee will be entered into the e-School Solutions SmartFindExpress Substitute System and is then eligible to begin working.

We believe it is very important for our subs to be strong in technology. However, we do realize not everyone has access to a computer.  The local Richard H. Thornton Library has access to computers that are available to the public. You can access their website by clicking here.

Again, we appreciate you and the service you give our children.

Access the SmartFind Express Substitute Teacher Calling system:

Web address: 
Phone number: (919) 939 - 2475 

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