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Student Teaching in Granville County Schools

over 2 years ago

Are you considering the possibility of student teaching in Granville County? If so, you have made a wise choice. Our Board of Education believes that student teachers make a direct, positive contribution to education and that the school district has a professional responsibility to participate in the effective preparation of new teachers. Granville County Public Schools hosts numerous student teachers and interns each year. Many of these teachers return to Granville County Public Schools upon graduation to their own classroom!

Granville County Public Schools is one of 35 public school systems in eastern North Carolina participating in The Walter and Daisy Carson Latham Clinical Schools Network through East Carolina University. Within the network, there are more than 400 schools with 200,000 students and over 2,000 trained clinical teachers who participate in partnership efforts. The network has been in existence since the 1996-97 academic year, when all teacher education programs were restructured from a 10-week student teaching requirement to a year-long Senior Year Experience.

The info below provide more about the requirements and procedures involved in beginning student teacher placements in Granville County.

Do you have a student that needs a student teaching assignment? All student teacher placement requests must originate with you. Please complete and/or submit your required paperwork to Associate Superintendent, Dr. Gus Gillespie, PO Box 927, Oxford, NC 27565. The necessary forms in the files block on this page; however, note that per the request form, additional information is required.


All student teacher placement requests originate with your college/university. If interested in pursuing a placement in Granville County, please have the student teaching contact at your school submit a formal request by following the instructions noted above for Colleges/Universities. We are more than happy to work with your university and will make every effort to find a suitable placement for you. 

Thank you for your interest in Granville County! Upon approval and placement, student teachers shall follow the policies and procedures of the Board of Education and the Superintendent, as well as those of the school to which they are assigned. In order to ensure that the best interests of the students in Granville County Public Schools are met, and to provide a meaningful and worthwhile learning environment for student teachers, school and district policies and procedures must be followed at all times.

Cooperating Teachers

Thank you for your willingness to serve as a cooperating teaching for an up-and-coming educator! We know that you will do everything in your power to ensure a worthwhile learning experience for the student teacher placed with you.It is the responsibility of the principal, working with appropriate staff, to identify and designate those experienced teachers who may make the most effective contribution to the profession through their work with prospective teachers.

While the supervising teacher works with beginning teachers to provide an effective student teaching experience, the supervising teacher remains accountable for the quality and extent of student learning. The superintendent or his designee shall approve the placement of student teachers and student interns.Teachers who are contacted about hosting a student teacher should refer the request directly to the Human Resources Department.