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Minimum Credit Diploma

Granville County Public Schools
Administrative Procedures Manual
Granville County School Board Policy 3461: Minimum Credit High School Diploma
Contact Person: Stan Winborne, Director of High Schools & CTE

The Granville County Board of Education recognizes the importance of setting rigorous graduation requirements in order to help ensure that students are receiving an education that will prepare them to be productive members of society. The Board also recognizes that alternative completion requirements might serve the needs of some students. To that end, the Board has implemented the Minimum Credit High School Diploma (MCD). This provision allows students to graduate with the minimum state standards as required by the state of North Carolina and exempts students from any additional local requirements.

The MCD should be used as a dropout prevention measure for at-risk students and NOT as a means to allow a student to graduate early without fulfilling the regular graduation requirements. Some examples of at-risk behaviors/factors that may hinder a student from successfully completing high school are:

• Continual attendance issues or truancy
• Behavior issues
• Academic/Credit deficiencies: Failed a grade in high school or at least once (indicate grade) and/or multiple retentions in grades K-8
• Environmental, psychological, and/or physiological challenges
• Chronic substance abuse
• Teen pregnancy/Parental responsibilities
• Economic hardships
• Homelessness
• Judicial problems
• Age of student

Application Process:
1. Counselor identifies student(s) who may qualify for a MCD (student may self-identify and conference with a counselor for guidance)
2. Counselor completes the required course checklist. Click Here to view the course checklist and downloads and completes each of these forms:
3. Counselor schedules a conference with student and parent(s)/guardian(s), and the principal to explain the MCD process along with the pros and cons of obtaining a MCD versus a regular high school diploma;
4. Student(s) and family(s) interested in pursuing the MCD completes the MCD Application;
5. Counselor/principal completes and signs the Referral Form and submits to the Office of the Superintendent, along with other supporting documentation;
6. Upon approval, the principal designee, senior homeroom advisors and/or graduation coordinators include student in commencement exercises;
7. Students may opt out of the MCD at anytime and pursue a regular diploma
   (Student/parent must request in writing to the principal or counselor);
8. Principal/designee sends original documents to the superintendent or his/her designee;
9. Principal/designee files copies of approved forms and updates roster of all completers of the MCD in the principal’s office;
10. Superintendent's designee shall review all pertinent information including PowerSchool data, cum folder information, transfer documents, if applicable, etc. and mark the checklist appropriately, MCD agreement and return a copy to the school

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