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over 3 years ago

Welcome to the Granville County Public Schools Common Core State Standards/North Carolina Essential Standards page.

CCSS/ES Resources

over 3 years ago

This page is the main landing point for all things related to the Common Core and Essential Standards for NCDPI. 
NC DPI WikiSpaces
This is the main Common Core/Essential Standards WikiSpace site for DPI.  On the bottom of the main page are links to all of the content area WikiSpaces.  These sites are maintained by DPI staff and are a resource for NC teachers across the state.
This organization provides resources and support to LEAs in our region.  There is a tab titled "Common Core" that includes links, templates, ppts, and other resources about the new standards.
Granville County Public Schools WikiSpaces:
These teacher made and maintained Wikispaces are the primary location for all work on the new standards.  Think of them as a 'virtual PLC' - a place where teachers can access, post and discuss all matters related to their content.
Middle Schools:
6-8 Science Wiki
High Schools:
9-12 Math Wiki

9-12 ELA Wiki

9-12 Science Wiki

9-12 Social Studies Wiki

All Grade Spans: 
K-12 The Arts Wiki

K-12 Guidance Wiki