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Is my child eligible for the program?

To be considered eligible for Pre-Kindergarten, a child...

  • must be 4 years old by August 31st of their Pre-K year, and
  • must reside in Granville County. 

Children will be selected for participation in the Pre-K program based upon multiple criteria, including a developmental screening, parent report of social/emotional behaviors, and teacher observation. 

What happens in Pre-Kindergarten?

Pre-Kindergarten is a place that turns ordinary experiences into extraordinary moments of learning!  Play is very important in establishing a learning environment for young children.  Granville County Public Schools’ Pre-K programs provide developmentally appropriate environments for daily activities, while providing children the support and experiences needed to prepare them for Kindergarten. 

Our Pre-K programs use the comprehensive curriculum, Creative Curriculum, as a basic structure for the day.  The school day includes activities related to the following areas:

Literacy Center supports access to many different types of books and opportunities for listening and storytelling.

Art Center affords an area for creative artistic expression and eye-hand coordination development through many varied materials.

Block/Building Center encourages building, designing, cooperative play and math exploration.

Dramatic Play Center presents an area for social interaction and role-playing.  This is where imaginations take flight.

Science Center offers an area for observation, experimentation and encourages curiosity.

Writing Center provides pre-writing materials, story dictation, bookmaking and exploration with print and illustrations.

Manipulative Center encourages active learning with games, pattern blocks, counting materials and other items that promote problem solving and mathematical exploration.

Technology Center provides learning through software aligned to the curriculum.

Music Center encourages creative movement and imagination development.

How much is tuition?

There is no cost to parents for our Pre-Kindergarten programs.  Pre-K is federally- and state-funded through Title I and NC Pre-Kindergarten.

What is the program schedule?

Generally, the Pre-K program follows the traditional schedule of Granville County Public Schools.  On the first day of school for the district, Pre-K begins with scheduled Parent Meetings and Staggered Entry into the classroom.  After a week, when the children begin attending full-time, the schedule will follow the individual school calendar for the remainder of the year.
The school day for Pre-K students is the same length as the other students at each school.  The daily schedule will vary within each classroom, but will include time for at least the following:  group time, center activities, breakfast, lunch, rest time, “special” activities, and outside play.
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