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Career and Technical Education

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The mission of Career-Technical Education (CTE) in Granville County Schools is to help empower students for effective participation in an international economy as world-class workers and citizens. Career-Technical Education in the high schools fulfills this mission by:

1. Preparing students for postsecondary education in career-technical fields and lifelong learning.

2. Preparing students for initial and continued employment.

3. Assisting students in making educational and career decisions.

4. Applying and reinforcing related learning from other disciplines.

5. Assisting students in developing decision-making, communication, problem-solving, leadership, and citizenship skills.

6. Preparing students to make informed consumer decisions and apply practical life skills.

7. Making appropriate provisions for students with special needs to succeed in career-technical education programs.

High School

Competency-based courses are offered in eight program areas, with each area having school-based, work-based, or community-based learning opportunities.

1. Agricultural Education

2. Business, Finance and Information Technology Education

3. Career Development Education

4. Family and Consumer Sciences Education

5. Health Sciences Education

6. Marketing and Entrepreneurship Education

7. Technology Engineering and Design Education

8. Trade and Industrial Education

Combined with other academic offerings, career-technical education assists all enrollees with career goals and high school graduation requirements. Students are to have a career development plan outlining courses to be taken to meet a tentative career objective and obtain a high school diploma.

Middle Grades

Career development is a lifelong process by which individuals develop and refine their self-identity as it relates to life and employment decisions. Middle grades students have reached a critical age when they can explore career decision making and develop future educational plans. Career development experiences for middle grades students are designed to be exploratory in nature and do not develop specific skills, except in Computer Skills and Applications. However, in the other four middle grades courses currently being taught, students will develop a knowledge of self and the world of work and begin a career development planning process for bringing the two together.

Middle Grade Course Offerings are the following:

  • Exploring Biotechnology in Agriculture 
  • Computer Skills and Applications
  • Exploring Career Decisions
  • Exploring Life Skills
  • Exploring Business, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship 
Non-Discrimination Statement - Public Notice
In compliance with federal laws, Granville County Public Schools administers all locally operated educational programs, employment activities and admissions without discrimination because of 
race, religion, national or ethnic origin, color, age, marital status, pregnancy, military service, disability, or gender, except where exemption is appropriate and allowed by law. 
Questions or concerns should be directed to:
Stan Winborne, Director of High Schools/Career & Technical Education 

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NC Triangle Apprenticeship Program (NCTAP)

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For  Junior and Senior Students & PARENTS: 

NC TAP is an apprenticeship program that focuses on using a hands-on approach to develop experts needed in a modern workforce.

NCTAP apprentice opportunities:

  • Associates Degree in Applied Science - paid by your employer

  • Apprenticeship Certification from NC Department of Commerce & USDOL

  • Competitive pay and benefits

  • Rigorous, 8,000 hour program

  • Guaranteed job opportunities

Prerequisites for NCTAP:

  • Currently in 11th grade or higher

  • GPA of at least 2.8

  • Have completed through Math III by High School Graduation

  • Attend at least one NCTAP Open House

  • Completion of Physics, Drafting/CAD & computer applications are desired

Useful Links and Resources

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Useful Links and Resources for CTE Department
General Links
College Answer - Offers information that may aid in planning to attend college.
College Foundation of North Carolina - North Carolina's organization to aid students apply, pay, and plan for college.
National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth - valuable information pertaining aiding homeless students.
North Carolina Community College System - Information regarding all NC Community Colleges
North Carolina Public Schools - Official Website of NC Public Schools
Directory of North Carolina Colleges and Universities - Links to websites for all NC colleges and universities (public and private)
US Department of Education - National Department of Education Website
Scholarship Links
Fastweb - One of the largest scholarship databases in the world - Find grants and scholarships
Career-Technical Education Student Oganizations
DECA - Marketing Student Organization
FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America
FCCLA - Family,Career, and Community Leaders of America
FFA - Future Farmers of America
HOSA - Health Occupations Students of America
National Technical Honor Society - Society for students that have excelled in Career-Technical Education.
North Carolina FFA - NC Future Farmer of America
Skills USA - Organization formerly known as VICA - Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America 
TSA - Technology Student Association

CTE Teacher Links

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Granville County CTE Teacher Links
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CTE Leadership Team