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Office of the Superintendent
Office of the Superintendent
Dr. Alisa McLean, Superintendent
Commitment to Excellence and Achievement for All
  • Meet the Board of Education
    Meet the Board of Education
    Mr. Toney W. Smith - District 1
  • Meet the Board of Education
    Meet the Board of Education
    Dr. G. Thomas Houlihan - District 2
  • Meet the Board of Education
    Mr. Rob Rivers - District 3
  • Meet the Board of Education
    Meet the Board of Education
    Mr. Leonard E. Peace, Sr. - District 4
  • Meet the Board of Education
    Meet the Board of Education
    Mr. Ed Mims - District 5
  • Meet the Board of Education
    Meet the Board of Education
    Mr. Danny Eudy - District 6
  • Meet the Board of Education
    Meet the Board of Education
    Mr. David Richardson - District 7

Board of Education Contact Information

about 1 month ago

Contact Info

District 1
Mr. Toney  W. Smith

623 Blue Wing Road
Roxboro, NC 27573

District 2
Dr. G. Thomas Houlihan, Chairman

4074 Salem Farm Road
Oxford, NC  27565

District 3
Mr. Rob Rivers
415 Ivey Day Road
Oxford, NC 27565

District 4
Mr. Leonard E. Peace, Sr. Vice-Chairman
4061 Pine Tree Hollow Road
Oxford, NC 27565

District 5
Mr. Ed Mims
2204 Regent Court
Creedmoor, NC  27522

District 6
Mr. Danny Eudy
1679 US hwy 15 South
Creedmoor, NC  27522

District 7 
Mr. David Richardson
125 East Talley Ho Rd
Stem, NC 27581

Board Attorney

Tharrington & Smith, Attorneys at Law

Contact: Eva Dubuisson

Board of Education Meetings Schedule 2018-2019

4 months ago

All meetings are held in the Administrative Offices located at 101 Delacroix St, Oxford, NC at 6:00 pm unless otherwise posted.


  Board of Education Meetings


August 6, 2018

September 10, 2018

October 1, 2018

November 5, 2018

December 3, 2018

January 7, 2019

February 4, 2019

March 4, 2019

April 1, 2019

May 6, 2019

June 3, 2019


Individuals wishing to make public comments at a regular scheduled Board of Education meeting are welcome to do so.  Please reference policy below when planning to do so:


Policy Code: 2310 Public Participation at Board Meetings


Board meetings are conducted for the purpose of carrying on the official business of the school district. The public is cordially invited to attend board meetings to observe the board as it conducts its official business.

The board of education, as an elected representative body of the school district, also wishes to provide a forum for citizens to express interests and concerns related to the school district. To provide an opportunity for input while conducting an orderly meeting, individuals or groups may be heard by the board in accordance with this policy or policy 2300, section D, paragraph 2, which addresses public hearings.


Any person who desires to appear before the board for more than five minutes (as provided below in section B) will notify the board chair and/or superintendent in writing at least three working days prior to the date of the meeting at which the appearance will be made. Such comments shall be limited to no more than 10 minutes.
1. The written notice must contain the following information:
   • the name and address of the person who desires to appear;
   • the subject which is to be presented for the board's consideration;
   • if it is a school-related problem, what steps have been taken to resolve the matter with the teacher, principal or superintendent (see    policy 1742/5060, Responding to Complaints);
   • if a group is to appear, the approximate number of people who will appear and the name of the spokesperson for the group; and
   • the approximate amount of time, up to 10 minutes, that will be required to make the presentation.
2. Upon receiving the notice of an appearance by a person or group complying with the above requirements, the superintendent shall place the item on the agenda for the next regular meeting of the board and will assemble any available information regarding the matters to be addressed. If other persons who are associated with or employed by the school district are involved or affected, these persons will be notified that the matter is to be considered and will be given an opportunity to be present.


The board of education welcomes any interested citizen who desires to appear before the board at a regular meeting of the board for the purpose of presenting to the board a request for information concerning matters relating to the public schools of the Granville County Administrative Unit. However, in order to plan and conduct orderly sessions and to be sure that complete information is made available regarding the subject of such appearances, it is necessary for procedural requirements to be established as follows.
1. A part of each meeting will be set aside for citizens to address the board. A sign-up sheet will be available for any individual or group to indicate their desire to address the board. People wishing to speak must include their name and topic on the Public Comment form available at the door, prior to the start of the meeting. Such comments will be received by the board in the order signed up and will be limited to no more than five minutes. A maximum of 30 minutes will be allotted for public comment .
2. The policies and laws of the state of North Carolina, as well as the policies of the board, provide that matters concerning the job competence and performance of individual school system employees are confidential. For this reason, and to ensure that board meetings are conducted in an orderly and fair manner, the board will not entertain public discussion about specifically named school district employees during open session of board meetings. The proper manner for raising issues about a specific employee is to submit comments in writing to the superintendent. Persons dissatisfied with the decision of the superintendent have five working days to request in writing to appear before the board of education during closed session. The written request should follow the provisions set forth above in section A.
3. Discussions about specific school programs should be submitted for board consideration pursuant to the procedure set forth above in section A.
4. Board members will not respond to individuals who address the board except to request clarification of points made by the presenter.
5. Except in cases of emergency, information received during presentations will not be acted upon at the time it is received. It will take unanimous vote of the board members present to take action on a presentation considered to be of an unusual or emergency nature at the time it is presented.
6. Disruptions by any person or persons of a public meeting will be subject to action in accordance with G.S. 143-318.17.


Complaints about the performance of school personnel, implementation of board policy, the quality of the educational program or school facilities should be submitted initially for a response to the school district official responsible for the program or facility or to the superintendent. The superintendent or designee will make available this board policy and other relevant grievance procedures to any individual or group submitting a complaint.


Legal References: G.S. 143-318.10 and .17, 115C-36
Cross References: Student and Parent Grievance Procedure (policy 1740/4010), Role of Board Members in Handling Complaints (policy 2122), Board Meetings (policy 2300), Board Meeting Agenda (policy 2330), Responding to Complaints (policy 1742/5060)
Adopted: December 9, 1985
Revised: October 7, 1996; August 30, 1999; January 7, 2003 (Effective July 1, 2003)