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Beginning Teacher Support in GCPS

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Beginning Teacher Support Program (BTSP)

The Beginning Teacher Support Program is a three-year period of support and assessment for beginning teachers. The initial (Standard Professional 1) license, which is valid for three years, allows the teacher to begin practicing the profession on an independent basis. At the end of the three-year period, the teacher is either granted or denied a continuing license. Beginning teachers are eligible for continuing license based on three years of teaching experience and successful completion of Performance-Based Licensure requirements, provided the designated official in the employing LEA, charter school, or non-public institution has no knowledge of any reason related to conduct or character to deny an individual teacher a continuing license.

The Beginning Teacher Support Program is a three-year program that extends professional education preparation and offers the assessment and support necessary for an individual’s professional growth.

What Is the Beginning Teacher Support Program

As a beginning teacher in North Carolina, you will participate in a three-year induction process known as the Beginning Teacher Support Program (BTSP). This program is designed to provide you direction, support, and feedback during your first years in the classroom so that your experiences are positive and focused on the knowledge, skills, and dispositions associated with effective teaching. The Beginning Teacher Support program provides a framework for supporting beginning teachers. Several initiatives have been implemented to assist you during your first three years of teaching:

  • Orientation-Beginning Teacher Induction:  Granville County Schools requires three days of training for all beginning teachers prior to starting the school year.  During this training, novice teachers become familiar with the policies, procedures, and expectations that will guide their work with our students.
  • Mentor Assignment: A mentor teacher should be assigned to you early in the school year. The mentor teacher can provide you with much useful information and assistance.
  • Observations: You will be observed at least three times by a qualified school administrator and at least once by a peer teacher. These veteran educators will be able to give you support and feedback regarding classroom practice. Systematic observations can insure continued growth and success.
  • Optimum Working Conditions: The State Board of Education has adopted guidelines for optimum working conditions for beginning teachers: As a beginning teacher, you should:
    • be assigned in your area of licensure
    • be assigned a mentor early
    • have a limited number of preparations
    • be given only a limited number of exceptional or difficult students
    • be provided an orientation including district and school expectations
    • have minimal non-instructional duties
    • have no extracurricular activities unless you request them in writing. [G.S. 115 C-47 (18a)].
  • Monthly Professional Learning Sessions "Teacher Talks": Once a month throughout your first year, you will meet with your cohort group of other beginning teachers.  During these sessions you will discuss topics pertinent to all new teachers.
NEW TEACHERS - click HERE for access to BTSP Haiku page

Contact Information

Angela Overton Cogdill 

Beginning Teacher 

Development Coordinator

101 Delacroix Street
Oxford, NC 27565