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JF Webb Art Students Paint Massive Mural for Local Business

By Stan Winborne


Elected officials, community leaders and educators recently gathered at the manufacturing facility of Shalag Nonwovens in Oxford, NC.  This was no ordinary partnership or collaboration between business and the public schools however, as this event showcased an incredible painted mural spanning more than 350 feet completed by the JF Webb Art Students and their teacher, Ms. Rachel Evancavich.

Shalag Nonwovens, an international company headquartered in Isreal, specializes in the manufacturing of nonwoven materials commonly used in products like baby diapers, wipes and other hygiene products.  Recently Shalag expanded its production facilities in Oxford, and found itself with an interesting blank wall along side of one of their buildings.  “It’s more than 10 feet high and at least 300 feet long” says plant manager Rodney Clayton.  “We enjoyed the project and are proud of the work everyone did on the Mural.”

Art Teacher Rachel Evancavich is also proud of her students, as she explained at the unveiling ceremony, “These students were so dedicated.  To take on a project of this size is really incredible.  So many of these students spent countless hours after school, on weekends, during their holidays.  I couldn’t be more pleased with how they came together and created this beautiful piece of art.  We even had family members of the students, and recent graduates join in – it was just an amazing experience.”

Ms. Evancavich also thanked her husband, Michael for his support during the many months the project was underway.  Michael also presented his wife with roses to congratulate her on the students’ accomplishment.

Artists for the JF Webb - Shalag Mural:

1.     Kallie Sears
2.     Sam Johnson
3.     Haley Tuck
4.     Danyea Turner
5.     Carey Wentworth
6.     Noah Upchurch
7.     Mikayla Reid
8.     Samantha Thorpe
9.     Kimely Allen
10. Zakaria House
11. Karen Marie Torres
12. Kaylonte Suggs
13. Ethan Jones
14. Nate Currin
15. Nathaniel Lawson
16. Miranda Goss
17. Lyn Pendergrass
18. Raphael Lambert
19. Jocelyn Carpenter
20. Jonathon Setzer
21. Starla Williams
22. Jaycee Williams
23. Marissa Beal
24. Charlotte Beal
25. Judy Allen
26. Brett Clayton
27. Michael Evancavich


The ribbons simulate the product that is manufactured inside...


To help the young and old...


The details are amazing...

Art behind the stair case

Keeps on going...



Mural on the wall

Keep me dry...

Art on the buildingHappy baby!

Look at the scale with these stairs

Art on the building

Continuous flow...

Art on the building


Students Signing the art

Signing the art

A Crowd gathers by the art on the wall

Crowd gathers

Art Teacher Rachel Evancavich (right) poses with Oxford Mayor Jackie Sergent (left).

For more photos and information, be sure to visit the JF Webb Mural Facebook page:

Art Teacher Rachel Evancavich (right) poses with Oxford Mayor Jackie Sergent (left)

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