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Elementary Education

Dr. Felisha Whitaker, Senior Director, Academic Services and School Improvement


Lauren Piper, Literacy Facilitator:


Deborah Rickman, Elementary Instructional Coach:


LaTasha Hargrove, Early Childhood Coordinator:

919-693-4613 ext. 101203


Early Childhood Programs

Enrollment: Kindergarten & Pre-K

Digital Children's Reading Initiative


The Granville County Public Schools Elementary Instructional Program is based on the Standard Course of Study as prescribed by the North Carolina Department of Education and builds a strong foundation for learning throughout a student's life.  We are committed to excellence and achievement for all; therefore, we work to ensure that each elementary student receives an equitable, rigorous, and relevant education.  Elementary teachers provide a caring and nurturing environment where our students can successfully learn to be productive citizens.

In addition to classroom instruction, all elementary schools provide extracurricular activities for our students such as a county-wide spelling bee, Spanish, arts and crafts, robotics and coding, gardening, singing, bowling, sports, and dance.  It is our intent to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful at post-secondary endeavors.