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Internet Safety

When using the Internet, keep in mind the following safety tips:

  1. Keep the computer in the family room or other public area of your home.
  2. Internet accounts should be in the parent’s name with parents having the primary screen name, controlling passwords, and using blocking and/or filtering devices.
  3. Never give out personal information such as address, telephone number, work address/telephone number, or the name and location of our school.
  4. Tell parents or teachers right away if you come across any information that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  5. Never agree to meet someone in person that you “met” online without first checking with your parents.
  6. Never send your picture or anything else to a person without checking with your parents.
  7. Do not respond to any messages that are mean or in any way make you feel uncomfortable.  Report any messages to your parents and/or teachers.
  8. Never give out your password to anyone other than your parents.

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