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The Key Benefits of Parent Portal are:  
  • Increased Home-School Communication
  • Increased Parent Involvement 
  • Real-time Student Progress Reporting (Seven days a week, 24 hours a day)
  • Universal and Secure Data Access
Parent Portal, the service that gives parents or guardians who have access to the internet the ability to view their children’s academic progress, was made available to parents or legal guardians of students beginning with an initial roll that took take place in the Southern end of the county on October 1st and the Northern end of the county on October 3rd.   Over 400 parents attended one of the two Parent Portal roll out sessions.  During these sessions they obtained letters containing access codes they used to link their children to the Single Sign-on accounts they created during the session or at home.  The letters also contained Usernames and Passwords their children can use to log into the Student Portal to check their own academic progress.  
If you were not able to attend one of the sessions provided you will need to do the following if you wish to use Parent Portal and to acquire the Usernames and Passwords for your children so that hey can log into the Student Portal.
Go to one of the schools where one of your children attends
  1. Complete a Parent Portal Access Request form
  2. Provide a valid Picture ID
    1. NC Driver License
    2. DMV Picture ID
    3. Credit Union Picture ID
    4. Passport
  3. Acquire an Access Username and Password for each of your children who attend school in the Granville County School System.  The Access Usernames and Passwords will only be given to the Parents or Legal Guardians of the students and not to any other family members
  4. Create a Single Sign-on Username And Password
  5. Add the student Access Usernames and Passwords to the Single Sign-on Username you create

    1. Log into the Parent Portal with your Username and Password while at the school to make sure they work
    2. Go to the following link once your are at home to find out more about Parent Portal and how to use it:  (Link to come soon.  Please check back.) 
    Last Modified on October 5, 2013