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Wilton Elementary School of Leadership

In 1989, Stephen Covey published “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. This book was originally intended for a business audience but quickly became a best-seller. In 1999, a principal in Raleigh, NC, Muriel Summers, asked Dr. Covey if he thought the habits could be taught to young children. He replied, “Why not?  Let me know how it goes.”  Muriel’s school, AB Combs Elementary, began teaching the 7 Habits to students. Their reasoning?


What would be possible if your school was filled with students who were responsible, who showed initiative, who were creative, who knew how to set goals and meet them, who got along with people of various backgrounds and cultures, and who could resolve conflicts and solve problems?


AB Combs went from nearly being shut down to being named the nation’s top magnet program in 2006.  Like the teachers at AB Combs, Wilton believes that school is about much more than improving test scores. We believe leadership is communicating a person’s worth or potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves.  Our students have big dreams.  Our goal is to equip them with the academic and 21st Century Skills needed to reach them.


Our focus on leadership development doesn’t mean Wilton is looking to create the next generation of CEOs.  We believe all children have a chance to be a leader of themselves and in their school and community.  By developing leadership skills in our students, Wilton staff and families will give students the skills necessary for success today and tomorrow. 

Wilton’s program will focus on three main components:


- The 7 Habits of Happy Kids


- Data Notebooks empower students to set goals, track their progress and growth, and take leadership of their own learning.  Wilton students will use Data Notebooks to reflect on their progress and celebrate their accomplishments during Student-Led Conferences.


- Teachers will use the Rigor and Relevance Framework to plan instruction that allows students to move from simply acquiring knowledge to applying it by solving real-world problems.

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