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Frequently Asked Questions

Why has Granville County Public Schools started implementing magnet programs?
Quite simply, to give our families more options.  All of our schools offer great educational opportunities.  But, if there is a particular opportunity a student would like to experience at a school that is not in their attendance zone, we would like to give them that experience.  We feel this will increase student engagement, and will ultimately lead to higher achievement.
Which schools have school have magnet programs?
The following schools/programs are available district-wide:
Butner-Stem Elementary (Engineering)
Creedmoor Elementary (Arts)
Joe Toler-Oak Hill Elementary (Engineering)
Stovall-Shaw Elementary (Healthy Living & Learning)
Wilton Elementary (Leadership)
J.F. Webb High School (Advance 21)
Granville Central High School (STEM)
Granville Early College High School
Granville Online
The following school is available only to students who live in the attendance zone of the school:   J.F. Webb High School of Health & Life Sciences
Do you have to have certain grades/marks to participate in these programs?
No.  All students living in Granville County are eligible for these programs.
Do all students enrolled in a magnet school/program participate?
Yes.  These programs are designed for everyone that is enrolled.
If I live in the attendance zone of a magnet school/program, do I need to do anything to participate?
No.  Since you already live in the school's attendance zone, you will automatically participate in that school's program unless you choose to enroll in another magnet school/program.
Is bus transportation offered for these schools/programs if I don't live in their attendance zone?

Yes.  In most cases, a shuttle bus service is provided. 

Do these schools teach the state curriculum?
Yes.  All of these schools teach the Common Core Standards as well as the North Carolina Essential Standards.
How are students selected for these schools/programs?
Granville Early College High School accepts students through an application and random lottery process.  Students not selected through the lottery are put on a waiting list.  All of the other Granville County Public schools have an open enrollment period in which students and parents can sign up for the school/program they are interested in.
If I transfer to one of these schools, how long am I committed to staying? 
One school year.
What are my options at the end of the school year?
Your options are to:
  • Commit to another year at your choice school/program.
  • Return to the school in your attendance zone.
  • Transfer to another choice school/program (provided the choice school/program has space).
What if there is more interest in a particular school than there is available space?
If this occurs,  students wanting to transfer to the school will be selected by random lottery.
If I enroll my student in an elementary program outside of my attendance zone, will my student be allowed to attend the middle school in that elementary school's feeder pattern?

Yes.  Students will be allowed to attend the middle school in the feeder pattern of the elementary choice school they attend.  However, a transfer request must be made when the student completes the final grade level at the elementary choice school.
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