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Advance 21

J.F. Webb High School is proud and excited to present to the community a brand new program to push students to the top of global competition for high paying careers in technology.  Advance 21 will give students the opportunity to design video games, build computing devices, learn network skills, and even experience internships in the area's strongest industries.  This program has been made available to all rising 9th graders in Granville County Schools.  Students participating in the Advance 21 program must provide their own transportation unless they live in the J. F. Webb attendance district.  For more information, please contact the administration at J.F. Webb High School at 919-693-2521.

MISSION: To provide students with high-quality interdisciplinary learning experiences that challenge them academically by developing their problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills needed for digital careers.

VISION: As described in the overall mission of the Advance21, the purpose of education is to prepare students to be productive and successful members of a global society. Advance21 believes that technology is a valuable resource to enhance learning, stimulate the academic environment and aide in developing challenging curriculum that is student‐centered and focused on inquiry, interdisciplinary, and project‐based learning. Integrating technology into the curriculum and its delivery aligns practices and methods with industry standards and builds a strong foundation of essential career skills necessary for today’s economy. By building strong local partnerships with businesses and higher education, Advance21 encourages and prepares students for success in college and professional careers in fields such as business, engineering, and technology.

Advance 21 brochure available HERE

Advance 21 Video

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