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Granville Education Foundation Grants Awarded

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Good afternoon!  As you may know, GEF awarded our 2017-2018 GEF Grants last Thursday, November 9.  Congratulations to all who received grants.  Our grants are our main source of program funding and we are proud to be able to support these classroom projects and be able to give this money directly to you! 


We truly hate that we could not award all of the grants submitted- they were all great! Please know how much we appreciate you applying, and hope that you will continue applying for grants in the coming school years.  Grant applications are due around the same time every year- early October, and they are always awarded early November.  So, you can start planning for your grants now! 


Every year, we receive questions about the grant scoring and the process in general, so I wanted to briefly explain how GEF grant scoring works. 


  • We have committees of at least 5 GEF Board Members who volunteer to score the grants.  These committees change each year.  The Board Members who are on the committee score the grants based on the rubric that you are encouraged to follow.  Even though they score based on the rubric, there is still some subjectivity to their score.  For example, what one scorer may think is very creative, another may not.  This is why we have at least 5 people scoring the grants.   
  • After I receive the committee members’ scores for each of the grants, they are averaged together to give each grant a total “score.”  We then rank those scores highest to lowest.  We begin with the highest ranked grant and give each grant the amount requested in their budget.  We continue giving grants their requested budgeted amount until we reach OUR budgeted amount that we are allowed to give. 
  • The number of grants that we can give out depends on how much the grants ranked the highest are requesting.  For example, this year we were able to award 4 technology grants.  Last year we awarded 7 technology grants.  This is based solely on the fact that the grants ranked the highest last year were requesting lower amounts and therefore we were able to award more grants without exceeding our budgeted amount.  This changes each year, obviously, based on the applications’ budgets. 


I hope that this information is helpful, and I hope that if you did not receive your grant(s) this year that you are not discouraged.  I can tell you that we have had multiple people not receive a grant one year, and then apply for the same grant and receive it the next.  It depends on many things- most that I’ve already mentioned- the scorers, the amounts other grants are requesting.  I encourage you to look back at your grant application, try and find any area that you could have elaborated on more, or more clearly explained, or provided more information.  Then, submit it again next year!  Or submit another grant project you may have in mind.  Just please do not give up applying!  I tell anyone that I can, the more grants you apply for, the better chance you have to receive a grant! 


We received a total of 67 grant applications this year! And, it was the first year in a WHILE (possibly ever), that we received a grant application from every school!  Thank you so much for your participation, it is encouraging to us to read all of the wonderful ideas you all have for our students.  I promise, it is SO hard for GEF to not be able to award all of the grant applications we receive! We truly want to fund all of the projects. We hope to increase our budget for each grant category in the coming years.  Increasing our budget = we can give out more grants!  This is why it is so important to us for our fundraisers to be successful, because it directly impacts the amount of $$$ we are able to give to you!


Thank you again for applying!  As always, please let me know if you have any questions! 


Dori Koinis, Executive Director

Granville Education Foundation

PO Box 2056

Oxford, NC 27565

Office: (919) 693-7047

Fax: (919) 693-5246

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