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Granville CountySchools strives to provide leadership, technical assistance and resources to its professional educators; providing high quality, research-based professional development that focuses on the continuous improvement of teaching and learning; educational theories and best practices.  Granville CountySchools uses training and support that concentrates on technology integration, the North Carolina Computer/Technology Skills Curriculum, the North CarolinaTechnology Competencies for Educators and administrative applications. Professional Development within Granville County Schools' Instructional Technology Department, enhances the North Carolina State Board of Education's strategic priorities of Globally Competitive Students; 21st CenturyProfessionals, Healthy and Responsible Students; Leadership for Innovation; and 21st Century Systems.

The Technology Department has developed a Professional Development Plan focusing on technology integration and delivered in various ways to meet the specific needs of all personnel.
 The complete plan may be viewed online:
Granville County Schools 2013-14 Technology PD Plan