Granville County Public Schools

Creating Inspiring Learning Experiences...

Did you know these numbers about your school district?

Student enrollment is expected to approach 9,000 by the 2011-2012 school year.

Granville County Schools operates 110 yellow buses that travel over 1.3 million miles each school year. The yellow buses are primarily used for the transportation of students from home to school and back home again. The white buses you see on the road are called "activity buses." These buses are used to transport students on field trips and for athletic events.

The district maintains 18 school campuses, 2 office buildings, 1 bus garage, and 1 maintenance shop. That's 1.7 million square feet of buildings to repair, clean, heat and cool!

With close to 1100 employees, Granville County Schools is among the largest employers in the county.

Our child nutrition department serves 1.4 million meals annually.

The school district's annual budget is $72,000,000. (2009 audit report)

And, finally, the look on your child's face as he crosses the stage to receive his high school diploma is PRICELESS!

Last Modified on April 1, 2008