Granville County Public Schools

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Technology Department Personnel

Vanessa Wrenn - Director of Instructional Technology Services

Tina N. Britt, Administrative Assistant
Purchasing, Inventory, Help Desk Backup
Phone: (919) 693-4613 x 101259
Fax: (919) 690-2338

Clayton McDaniels - Systems Administrator

WLAN/LAN, Core Infrastructure, Tier 3 Support

Weymon Oxendine - Systems Administrator

Server Admin/AD Admin, Tier 2 Backup for Creedmoor, LanSchool, Filewave, Storage/Security, Filtering, Creedmoor Annex, Tier 3 Support

Sherry Kohn - Help Desk and Accounts Management
  • NGMS
  • Help Desk (All Tier 1 Support) - Call IP extension 101802 or 919-690-2339, option 1
  • Selected Tier 2 Support
  • Accounts Management 

Eric Beltran - Computer Support Specialist
  • Granville Central High School
  • Tar River Elementary School 
  • OSX Imaging Lead

Jill  Kaconas- Computer Support Specialist
  • Butner-Stem Elementary School
  • Butner-Stem Middle School
  • Mt. Energy Elementary School
  • Wilton Elementary School

John Critcher - Computer Support Specialist
  • Exceptional Children's Department District-wide
  • West Oxford Elementary School
  • Mary Potter Middle School
  • Granville Magnet School 
  • Lead Audio/Visual Support

Tommy Cifers - Computer Support Specialist
  • Creedmoor Elementary School
  • South Granville High School

 Cynthia Hester - Computer Support Specialist
  • J.F. Webb High School
  • J.F. Webb High School of Health and Life Science 

  • Granville Early College High School
  • G.C. Hawley Middle School

Russ Pegram - Computer Support Specialist
  • Joe Toler-Oak Hill Elementary School
  • Stovall-Shaw Elementary School 
  • Credle Elementary School
  • Center for Innovative Learning (CIL)
  • County Office
  • Chromebook Lead

  • Leah Powell - Instructional Technology Facilitator for High Schools

    Dr. Jane Steelman - Instructional Technology Facilitator for Middle Schools
    Teacher Technology Leaders, Website Maintenance, Documentation 

    Gwen Loftin Instructional Technology Facilitator for Elementary Schools

    Granville Online
    Vacant - Coordinator for Granville Online
    Annette Glass - Academic Adviser and Curriculum Support, Lab Facilitator Support and Training

    Bettie Lou Boyd - Student Data Manager, Testing Coordinator, Administrative Assistant