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GCS 1:1 Technology Program                                                      

Granville County Schools hasimplemented a technology initiative throughout the district.  We currently have four high schoolsthat are a 1 to 1 laptop initiative.   That is, each member of thehigh school will be educated with the assistance of his/her own laptop thatwill be used throughout the curriculum as an invaluable learningtool.   This is the first step in creating a learning environment inwhich students and teachers have 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week access to thetools and resources of a world-class education.

 Additionally, our elementary,middle and high schools use laptop carts, interactive white boards, documentcameras and student response systems to provide a technology-rich learningenvironment for our students. 

Granville County Schools has been preparing for this exciting initiative for many years.  GCS boasts a universal wireless environment and teachers have been equipped and teaching with laptops.   In addition, our teachers have been and continue to be involved in an intensive faculty professional development program that enables them to engage students in learning in a truly digital environment.  We are very aware that students in the 21st Century learn most comfortably and enthusiastically when they are able to access, analyze, and synthesize information using digital tools.   Our laptop initiative is the needed step toward helping our students to achieve and be successful in a fully digital learning environment.