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ARTS Department

Quick Contacts

Beth Cook - Arts Director

Brandon Roeder - A+ and Arts Coordinator

Where we are

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Elementary School Arts

Katherine Walseman - Credle Elementary School Art

Leslie Nunnery - Creedmoor Elementary School of the Arts Artnunnery

Brandon Roeder - Creedmoor Elementary School of the Arts Music

Judy Davis - Joe Toler-Oak Hill Elementary School Art

Eve Snyder - Mt. Energy Elementary School Music

Trimain Green - Stovall Shaw Elementary School Music

Angie Mangum - Tar River Elementary School Music

Michael Epps - West Oxford Elementary School Music

Judy Davis - Wilton Elementary School Art

Middle School Arts

Tammie Haddock - Butner-Stem Middle School Band and General Music

Justin Dickson - Hawley Middle School Band

Logan Vanover - Hawley Middle School Chorus

Detroit Yancey - Marry Potter Middle School Band and Chorus

Trevor Mangum - Northern Granville Middle School Band and General Music

High School Arts

Rachel Evancavich - Granville Central High School Art

 - Granville Central High School Band and Chorus

 Ophelia Staton- JF Webb High School Art

Brian Holtshouser - JF Webb High School Band, Chorus, and General Music

Shaye Brower - South Granville High School Art

Bradley Maston - South Granville High School Band

Teresa McCollum - South Granville High School Chorus and Auditorium

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