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Dr. Alisa McLean, Superintendent
Dr. Alisa McLean, Superintendent
I could not be more excited and honored to join such an incredible community of students, parents and guardians, school leaders, educators, concerned citizens, law enforcement officials, business and community partners. Thus far, my time has been spent getting acclimated and familiar with our schools, district personnel and various community representatives. What I have learned thus far is that the Granville Community is an absolutely awesome community and I am delighted to now be part of the family! I plan to continue working with absolutely everyone in our community at our upcoming “Listening and Learning” Tours scheduled for:

Tuesday, September 12 – South Granville High School
Thursday, September 14 – Butner-Stem Middle School
Tuesday, September 19 – Northern Granville Middle School
Thursday, September 21 – J.F. Webb High School

ALL meetings are scheduled for 6-7:30pm and everyone is invited to bring their best thinking around how we can make our district a “World Class District!” These “Kitchen Table” type conversations are truly for all. So, please plan on joining us!

My enthusiasm about the upcoming year is already at high levels, as our school and district preparations are well underway! Our goal is to ensure EXCELLENCE in all we do! In my opinion, the Granville County Public School System is poised for greatness! As such, I believe our new social media hashtag is befitting: #ggit! This stands for “Granville’s Got It!” I believe it. I believe in our schools. I believe in our district. Now, let’s show the world together! Have an amazing day.
Granville County Public Schools Board Of Education
Granville County Public Schools Board Of Education
Pictured from left to right: Danny Eudy, David Richardson, Leonard Peace, Ed Mims, Tom Houlihan, Pat Cox, Toney Smith
Our Mission
In partnership with the community, we will continually improve all educational services to prepare our students today for a successful tomorrow.
Our Vision
Every Student: Actively Learning, Accepting Others, AchievingEvery Teacher and Staff Member: Leading, Learning, Loving ChildrenEvery Parent and Community Member: Invited, Invested, Involved
Our Core Values
Agility – As an agile organization, we strive to increase the capacity for faster and more flexible responses to the needs of our students and other stakeholders.

Continuous Process Improvement - Based upon our belief that each employee strives for personal best, improvement in efficiency and effectiveness is rooted in monitoring, modifying, and changing organizational processes.

Customer Focus – A quality organization’s primary goal is to meet and exceed customers’ needs. The first step is knowing our customers and building a system to meet their needs.

Data-driven Management – By using measurements and action toward improvement, we can understand how the system actually performs based upon data rather than opinion. All decisions and actions for continuous improvement are driven by data and customer needs.

Leadership – Leadership at all levels must have the motivation and unwavering commitment to stay the course to bring about changes and innovations. Vision and constancy of purpose are fundamental components of leadership.

Learning-centered Education – Recognizing the potential and educational goals of each student, we place the focus of education in meeting learner needs through high standards for instructional delivery and school organization.

Long-term Commitment – Lasting improvement is not the result of a “quick fix.” Rather, it is the result of on-going commitment to identified principles. Substantive, long-lasting quality takes time.

Our Workplace is About People – We endeavor to create an environment that fosters trust, respect, synergy, camaraderie, empowerment, appreciation, innovation, high standards, and drives out fear.

Participatory Management – People are the most important assets of our system; therefore, all stakeholders will be involved and empowered to work together in improving system processes.

Social Responsibility – Holding ourselves to high standards for ethical behavior, citizenship, and protection of public health, safety, and the environment, we make every effort to model social responsibility in our community.

Systems Thinking – A system is a series of activities or processes that work in conjunction to benefit the entire organization. Each activity or process must work together to make our school system successful.

Teamwork – A commitment to teamwork and cooperation is vital to the success of our organization. Recognizing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, teamwork is encouraged and is at the heart of our system’s success.