J. F. Webb High School

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Name: Betsy Carson

Grade: 12  (English IV and AP/Honors Literature and Composition)


Room Number: 6

 I was born in Graham, NC, shortly after the Earth cooled.  Twenty-two years after I started college in Virginia, in 1966, I finally graduated from UNC-CH, moving straight into the Master’s program in English.  (You do the math!)  Al Carson is my better half, and I have 3 children (Bill, Nancy, and Elizabeth), and 3 granddaughters (Parker, Addie, and Carson – no, her last name is NOT Carson, it is Carnahan.)  (Pictures of the fam are everywhere in my space at Webb!) I LOVE to read (check out the library in my room), write, cook, and do needle arts.  We will incorporate those interests into the work in the classroom, especially the cooking aspect.   Of course, students will read and write, extensively, every day, so that is a no-brainer.  I CAN give knitting and crochet lessons, before and after school, free, by appointment only!  I am delighted to be back in Granville County, and look forward to an exciting and productive year!