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Here are the Current Staff Positions in the JROTC Viking Battalion
Battalion BNCO (Battalion Commander)
C/LTC Aisha Carrillo-Rivera 
Battalion Executive Officer
C/MAJ Kevin Hixson 
 S1 (Adjutant) 
 C/CPT Alexis Williams

S1 (Assistant)
C/1LT Marquitta Long 

S1 (Assistant) 
C/MSG Paul Briggs 
 S2 (Safety and Security)
 C/CPT Jarod Haynes

S2 (Assistant)
C/CPT Alex Agdeppa  
S2 (Assistant)
C/2LT Robert Hurt 
S3 (Operations)
[No Photo]
C/CPT Robert Clark
  C/CPT Jason Lumpkin
S4 (Assistant)
[No Photo]
C/2LT Taylor Edwards 
 S4 (Assistant)
 C/CPT Travis Campbell
S4 (Assistant)
 C/1LT Justin Tew
 S5 (Public Affairs)
 C/CPT Chelsey Edenfield
S5 (Assistant)
[No Photo]
C/2LT Courtney Singleton
Headquarters Commander
 C/CPT Clare Ringham
Command Sergeant Major
 C/CSM Mark Bishop
 C/COL Courtney Phillips 
Drill Team Commander
[No Photo]
C/CPT Yndra Aguilar

 Marksmanship Team Commander
 C/MAJ Kevin Hixson
Raider Team Commander
[No Photo]
C/1SG Grayson Jones

Last Modified on October 29, 2015