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  • Kindergarten Supply List


          1 book bag (large enough for folders, no rolling book bags)

          Change of clothes (including underwear) to keep in cubby

         * 20 glue sticks

         * 2- 24 packs crayons (Crayola)

         * 3 plastic pocket folders with prongs

         * 1 white t-shirt

         * 2 bottles of hand sanitizer

         * 3 boxes of tissues

         * 1 pack of copy paper

         * headphones/ear-buds

         * 2 packs of expo markers

         * 2 packs of markers


         * BOYS –Clorox wipes, 1 box snack size baggies

         * GIRLS – Baby wipes, 1 box sandwich size baggies

     Classroom Wish List

    *Walmart/Target/Craft Store gift cards to purchase art supplies


    1st Grade Supply List


    1 Book Bag (No rolling book bags!)

    1  1-inch White Three-Ring Binder

    4 Spiral Notebooks

    3  Plastic 2-Pocket Folders

    2  Boxes Crayola Crayons (24 count)

    8  Large Glue Sticks

    2 Packages Washable Thick & Thin Markers

              1 Package Whiteboard Markers

              3 Boxes of Tissues

    2 Containers of Disinfectant Wipes OR Hand Sanitizer

    1 Pack of Large Pink Erasers or Eraser Caps

    1 Set of Quality Headphones/Buds

    1 Pair of Scissors

    1 Pack of White Copy Paper

    Classroom Wish List:

    *White or Colored Cardstock

    *Extra Boxes of Tissues

    *Extra Copy Paper

    *Quart and Gallon Freezer Bags


    2nd GRADE Supply List


     Each student will need the following items for second grade:

    Bookbag without wheels

    Standard size wide rule notebook paper

    #2 Pencils  (no mechanical pencils)

    2 zipper pencil pouches (no pencil boxes or cases)

    Crayons 24 max.

    Colored Pencils

    Eraser caps

    Glue sticks

    5 black and white marbled composition books 9 3/4”x 7”

    6 plastic pocket folders without clips, one of each color: red, purple, blue, yellow, green and


    2 boxes of Kleenex

    1 pair of ear buds to use with computers (no headphones please)

    Tennis shoes for P.E. and recess (not Converse)

    Classroom Donations

     Please feel free to donate any of the following items for the classroom.

     White copy paper                       Notebook paper

    Paper Towels                              Napkins

    Marbled Composition books       Microwave popcorn

    Ziploc sandwich bags                 Ziploc gallon bags

    Pencils                                        Eraser caps

    Clorox Wipes                              Hand Sanitizer

    Individually wrapped candy Rewards for treasure box


    3rd Grade Supply List


    For the first week of school, please send the following items. Label each item with your child’s name. The notebooks do not have to be brought on the first day.


         large pink eraser

         wide ruled notebook paper (100 sheets)

         box of 24 crayons or colored pencils

         1 folder with 2 pockets

         2  marble cover composition notebooks

         5  five-subject spiral composition notebooks

         1 70-sheet spiral composition notebook

         1 book bag without wheels

         1 sturdy magazine file (to be used as a book box in class)

         6 pencils (your child will need 2 pencils each day – not mechanical pencils)

         1  clean old sock (white board eraser!)

         1 dry erase marker

         a pencil box or pencil bag

         tennis shoes for P.E. class and recess


    For the second week of school, please send the following items:


         2 boxes of tissues

         1 bottle of hand sanitizer

         1 container of wipes

     Please have the following items at home for completing homework and to restock when needed for class.  These items will not be needed right away.


         1 pair of scissors

         1 12 inch/30 centimeter ruler

         2 glue sticks

         1 4-function calculator (+,-,x, /)

         a large supply of pencils with erasers attached (not mechanical pencils)

         colored pencils or crayons

         4 or more dry erase markers


    4th Grade Supply List


     6 marbled composition books

    (2 writing, reader’s response, science,math, social studies)

    2 glue sticks

    pencils for the year

    cap erasers


    graph paper

    crayons, colored pencils and markers


    whiteboard markers

    box of tissue

    2 containers of sanitizing wipes

    zip-lock bags (either gallon, quart, snack, sandwich)

    loose-leaf notebook paper     (no binders)

    headphones/ear buds

    blunt-tipped scissors

    athletic shoes for P.E.

    non-rolling book bag

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